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Museit - an App for Recording Studios, Rehearsal rooms, Music teachers and Musicians.

Meet your band.

Museit maps the music industry!
From now on musicians can find other musicians, rehearsal/recording studios, teachers and lots more
with just a few clicks using our innovating and
user friendly system.

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What is Museit?

Museit is a user friendly app for musicians that lets you create a web of musicians with your vibe, schedule rehearsals/recordings productively and find the best studio for your needs in minimum time.

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Museit Band

No more hustle trying to schedule rehearsals/recordings. From now on send notifications using Museit to schedule in seconds.


Museit Play

Museit lets you know the style and vibe of musicians and saves you time searching for the perfect collaboration. With Museit you can start a band from scratch


Museit Rec/Reh

With Museit you’re able to see all the studios who fits your bands needs and schedule a rehearsal or a recording session with just a few clicks


Museit Pro

Museit Pro allows you to manage all your gigs and work as a musicain throw the app. this is the perfect instrument for session musicians, Teachers, Producers and impresarios


Museit Jam

Museit lets you find the best musicians to jam with in ease with the option to map musicians according to location, experience, instrument, genre and more


Musicians recommend museit.

Museit is an instrument with whom musicians can improve their comfort and efficiency, we decided to let them talk for themselves.

start searching.

Museit is here to make sure you’ll be able to schedule rehearsals/recordings, find musicians or collaborations and get gigs in order for you to focus on the music. As part of our goal to support musicians, we’d love to hear what are your wants and needs.